The Fiberglass Manifesto

The Fiberglass Manifesto is breath of fresh air.  Something different than all the other blogs out there.  If you are a glass lover, then this is the place for you!  The Fiberglass Manifesto is bringing fiber glass fly rods back from the grave.  I do not know why more people do not fish them.  I love mine!  There is nothing better than tossing a Parachute Adams with my 6 foot 2 weight for brookies!

The Fiberglass Manifesto also has one sweet logo!  The Fiberglass Manifesto is the place for videos, giveaways, sweet stickers and of course information on glass rods.  The Fiberglass Manifesto is updated nearly everyday.  There is always something going on over there.  Check em out:

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  1. Thanks for the props. I really appreciate it. TFM is a good time and I’m glad that a few people check in on it each day.

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