Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise Review

Griffin Montana Mongoose Fly Tying Vise
Best Rotary Fly Tying ViseThe Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise is Griffin’s best fly tying vise.  The Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise has many more features than other vises in the price category. The Supreme hook holding power that Griffin Vises are famous for has been passed down to the Montana Mongoose. The new design of this rotating vise has been refined for maximum efficiency. The new addition of the rotation lock screw and the new fine tension screw allows complete resistance control while rotating. The new delrin block is one of the smoothest bearing material available. The cam lever can be locked in a forward or backward position, allowing more clearance while tying.

Griffin MT Mongoose ViseThe sleek & agile design of the MT Mongoose will ensure a comfortable hand position while tying. The new addition of the extension handle allows a choice of a longer rotating handle. 360 true rotation. Tempered steel jaws will securely grip hooks from 4/0-28′s.  The Griffin Mongoose Vise is perfect for trout flies and saltwater flies.  The MT Mongoose will do it all and it will truly be the last fly tying vise you will ever need to buy.  The Griffin MT Mongoose has Lifetime warranty, is Made in the USA and hand crafted from the finest materials available.

Griffin Montana Mongoose Pedestal BaseThe MT Mongoose comes complete with FREE accessories: C-Clamp, Pedestal, Bobbin Cradle, Material Clip, Supreme Bobbin, Hackle Gauge, and Deluxe carrying case.  The included Pedestal Base is a great addition.  No other rotary fly tying vise package will give you both.  The Pedestal Base is great for traveling and using on table tops, it even fits inside the carrying case!

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Griffin Montana Mongoose Fly Tying ViseGriffin MT Mongoose Rotary Best Fly Tying Vise Vice

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One Response to Griffin Montana Mongoose Vise Review

  1. Joe Nassar says:

    This was the unit recommended to me before I first started, but couldn’t find one locally to take a look. Now also have a Nor-Vise and the Regal.