Stimulator Fly Tying Video Instructions

The Stimulator is an amazing fly pattern.  The Stimulator was originally developed to imitate a stonefly adult.  But that is not the only insect the Stimulator imitates.  The Stimulator also emulates a grasshopper, caddis or even large drake mayflies!  The Stimulator is also a great dry fly for fishing a dropper underneath.  The bushy profile and deer hair make the Stimulator a highly buoyant fly.  The Stimulator is most often tied in olive, orange, black and yellow.  Usually tied in sizes #06-16.

Stimulator Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #06-16 Tiemco 2312>>
Thread: Fl. Fire Orange UTC 70>>
Tail: Deer Hair>>
Body: Superfine Dubbing>>
Body Hackle: Brown Dry Fly Hackle>>
Wing: Deer Hair>>
Head: Superfine Dubbing>>
Head Hackle: Matching Brown Dry Fly Hackle>>

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