Reverse Parachute Emerger

Reverse Parachute Emerger Fly Tying Video Instructions

Reverse Parachute Emerger Fly TyingThe Reverse Parachute Emerger is a great dry fly emerger pattern.  The Reverse Parachute Emerger sits vertically in the water, with the hook shank making up the body of the fly.  The Reverse Parachute Emerger is a great chironomid, midge or caddis pattern.  Just change the size and the color to imitate specific insects!  Visit Herman’s 3D Fly Library – Fly Tying

Reverse Parachute Emerger Fly Tying Recipe:
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Hook: #14-18 Tiemco 206BL >>
Thread: UNI 17/0 >>
Body: Stipped Peacock Herl >>
Tail: Coq De Leon >>
Hackle: Brown and Grizzly Whiting High and Dry Rooster Cape >>
Thorax: Hare’s Ear Hareline Dubbing >>
Glue: Thick or Thin Loon UV Fly Finish >>

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