PMX Parachute Madam X Fly Tying Video Instructions

The PMX (Parachute Madam X) is a great hopper and stonefly dry fly imitation.  The PMX is the Parachute version of the traditional Madam X.  The PMX is easier to see, floats higher and has a more life like look picky  trout.  The PMX can be tied in many different colors, with Yellow, Red, Olive and Orange being the most popular.  The PMX is a fairly difficult dry fly to tie, and takes some time to master.  The many materials tend to often get in the way and can be frustrating to deal with.  Using a strip of lead wire to wrap around and tame these materials helps.  This PMX video uses a strip of Life Flex for the body, a little different than the traditional floss body PMX, but much more life like.

PMX Parachute Madam X Fly Tying Recipe:
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Hook: #04-12 Tiemco 5262 >>
Thread: Black UTC 70 >>
Tail: Deer Hair >>
Body: Fl. Chartreuse Life Flex >>
Wing: Deer Hair >>
Thorax: Peacock Herl >>
Legs: Medium Brown Round Rubber >>
Wing Post: White McFlylon >>
Hackle: Brown Hackle >>

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Buy Fly Tying Materials Online

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