Patriot Fly Tying Video Instructions

Patriot Fly Tying VideoThe Patriot is a great attractor dry fly pattern. The Patriot is the perfect dry fly for brook trout or fast moving water.  The “sparkle” on the body gets fish’s attention and fish will go out of their way to eat this fly in high, fast moving water.  The Patriot is best fished in tandem with a caddis or larger fly in front of it.  Casted close to the bank and placed in pocket water, the Patriot is a great fly to have in your arsenal!

Patriot Fly Tying Recipe:
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Hook: #10-18 Tiemco 100>>
Thread: Red UTC 70>>
Tail: Brown Hackle>>
Body: Pearl Flashabou>>
Wings: White Calf Body Hair>>
Hackle: Brown Dry Fly Hackle>>

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