Czech Catnip

Czech Catnip Fly Tying Video Directions

Czech Catnip Fly Tying Recipe Nymph PatternThe Czech Catnip is a great Czech Nymphing Fly Pattern.  The Czech Catnip can be tied in many colors, to imitate specific colors of caddis larva, or just in attractor colors.  The Czech Catnip is a heavy fly, and is meant to be fished right near the bottom.  The Czech Catnip uses a heavy Tungsten Bead and Lead Wire body to get it down quickly.  The Czech Catnip is a simple Czech Nymph to tie and they can be cranked out quickly!

Czech Catnip Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #08-16 Tiemco 2499Sp-BL >>
Thread: Olive UTC 70 >>
Bead: Black Tungsten Bead >>
Weight: .010-.015 Lead Wire >>
Casing: Mottled Olive FINO Skin >>
Rib: Chartreuse Brassie Ultra Wire >>
Body1: Caddis Green Midge Cactus Chenille >>
Body2: Peacock or Black Midge Cactus Chenille >>

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