BWO Parachute

BWO Parachute Fly Tying Video Instructions

BWO Parachute Dry Fly PatternThe BWO Parachute is a classic Blue Winged Olive Mayfly imitation.   The parachute hackle allows for the fly to rid flush to the water, giving the fly a more natural look to the fish.  The BWO Parachute can be tied large for the spring Blue Winged Olives or tiny for the fall Baetis hatch.

BWO Parachute Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #12-22 Tiemco 100>>
Thread: Olive UTC 70>>
Tail: Dun Hackle>>
Body: BWO Superfine Dubbing>>
Wing: Medium or Dark Dun Turkey Flat>>
Hackle: Dun Dry Fly Hackle>>
Head: BWO Superfine Dubbing>>

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