Barr’s Bouface Streamer

Barr’s Bouface Streamer Fly Tying Video Directions

Barr's Bouface Bugger Streamer Fly Tying InstructionsThe Barr’s Bouface Streamer is a great streamer pattern!  The Bouface uses two of the best fly tying materials for streamer patterns, Marabou and Rabbit.  Both materials move and pulse the current, making the Bouface a very “fishy” pattern.  The Bouface can be tied in many different colors, although Black and Olive are the most popular.  Originally designed to imitate a large leech, the Bouface can also imitate baitfish and other prey.  The Bouface can even be tied in two tone, just alternate the colors of Rabbit and Marabou!

Barr’s Bouface Streamer Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #04-08 Tiemco 200R >>
Thread: Black UTC 140 >>
Bead: 5/32″-1/4″ Black or Gold Cyclops Bead >>
Weight: .025 Lead Wire >>
Tail/Wing: Black Micro Rabbit Strips >>
Collar: Black Woolly Bugger Marabou >>
Flash: Pearl Flashabou >>
Head: Black Hareline Dubbing >>

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