Amy’s Ant

Amy’s Ant Fly Tying Video Instructions

The Amy’s Ant is a incredible terrestrial pattern.  In fact, it is hands down my favorite!  The Amy’s Ant is no easy fly to tie, it is actually fairly involved and takes some practice.  But once mastered, it is a very rewarding fly to tie.  The Amy’s Ant can be tied in two main colors, Olive and Red.  The Amy’s Ant is best fished near the bank and fish really react to the fly being plopped on the surface hard.  Such a great pattern!

Amy’s Ant Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #06-14 Tiemco 5262 >>
Thread: Olive UTC 140 >>
Under Body: Tan 2MM Foam >>
Over Body: Brown 2MM Foam >>
Legs: Brown Medium Round Rubber Legs >>
Body1: Olive Medium Ice Chenille >>
Body2: Brown Hackle >>
Under Wing: Rainbow Krystal Flash >>
Over Wing: Elk Hair >>
Head: Peacock Ice Dub Dubbing >>

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